Name: The revitalisation of monastery area Český Krumlov

Registration number of project: CZ.1.06/5.1.00/01.06132, co-financed by The European Regional Development Fund through the Integrated Operational Program, Intervention field of 5.1.

Place of realisation: Town of Český Krumlov

Total costs: 326 890 190 CZK

Total grant amount: 323 249 692 CZK

Date of realisation: 2010-2015

Project objectives: The primary objective is the revitalisation of are in order to offer modern cultural and educational services to various groups of laic and professional public as a model project of restoration and utilisation of significant landmarks of similar kind. The secondary objective is to make the historical centre more attractive for town inhabitants, visitors and investors. Planned cultural and educational services are thematically connected not only to specific cultural heritage of the monastery area and the town but also to a significant part of Czech cultural heritage of gothic, renaissance and baroque times. Individual programme topics  will be solved by a combination of various forms (research and documentation activity, instruction, lectures, workshops, courses, interactive and museum expositions, cultural events such as concerts and theatre performances) so that they would be attractive for all target audiences. The project focuses on quantitative (large number of planned events and visitors) as well as qualitative (thematic variety, high professional standard while using a modern, effective form) aspect of cultural content. The overall objective is to create a modern, culturally educative centre for preservation, documentation and presentation of cultural heritage in the middle of historical town with year-round offer of attractive services for various target audiences of professional and laic public from Český Krumlov and elsewhere.


Author, source: ČT24/MÚ Český Krumlov/Jan Langer









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