Exhibition | Art for children
to 1.5.2022

The exhibition of two hundred original children books' illustrations from the world renowned artist Jindra Čapek uncovers the curious fantastic world full of children’s' tales, mysterious landscapes, picturesque figures, animals, and creatures. The Pinocchio, Scheherazade or Barbucha embody iconic tales of many generations. In new exhibition spaces, Monasteries Český Krumlov introduce the author's lifelong creation dedicated to adults and children alike.

Children’s' books Illustrated by Jindra Čapek have been loved on four continents for the past fourty years and have been translated into thirty languages. Jindra Čapek, who lives in Český Krumlov, belongs to the best European illustrators of children’s' books. During his active work at home and abroad he illustrated over seventy books for Czech and foreign publishing houses, cooperated with many renowned writers and received numerous international awards. His books and art are exhibited around the world: for example in Zurich, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Tokyo or now in Český Krumlov.

The main hero of the vast exhibition project The World of Fantasy of Jindra Čapek in Krumlov Monasteries is the notorious bugbear Barbucha from Vladislav Vančura's tale Kubula and Kuba Kubikula. The exhibition brings a symbolic message in these uncertain times that our fear gets only as big as we allow it to grow.

You can find more information and buy tickets in the Visitor centre. The World of Fantasy exhibition is mostly barrier-free.

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