Město Český Krumlov

The town of Český Krumlov

Mazy streets, romantic nooks and a unique complex of town houses with the dominant of the castle above Vltava river meander, excellent exhibitions of artists of worldly names, concerts, music festivals, theatre shows, pubs, cafés and medieval taverns...


Městské divadlo Český Krumlov

The town of theatre Český Krumlov

Town theatre of Český Krumlov o.p.s. is a community interest society, whose sole founder is the Town of Český Krumlov. The main function of the Town theatre is to offer quality and diverse cultural programme to town inhabitants of all ages all year long.


SUPŠ sv. Anežky České v Českém Krumlově

The Secondary school of applied arts of St. Agnes of Bohemia

The education on the secondary school is conducted in the form of four-year daily study with the outcome of secondary education with maturita from Czech and English or German language, arts history, and practical and theoretical part of the relevant field of study.


Centrum barokní kultury Český Krumlov

The Centre of Baroque culture

Education / The main idea and aim of the Centre of baroque culture as a part of the Monastery revitalisation project was to create a functional and prospective educational centre, which could primarily serve as a foundation for adoption of the wide complex of baroque arts within the scope of so-called baroque opera.



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